Income Certainty for your Real Estate Career

Dated: 11/13/2019

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Hello, my name is Tracy King CEO of Kings of Real Estate and thanks for taking a few minutes to listen to what I have to say.

If you are an ambitious agent interested in dramatically increasing your income while working no more than you are right now possibly even less, then these next few minutes are for you.   


You see, I would like to offer you income certainty from your real estate career.  


As you probably know, I am an untraditional team leader constantly finding myself in need of competent real estate agents to help me with my ever growing real estate business.  Over the last 13 years, I have sold over 2,000 homes and as a result been able to develop and implement many unique Consumer Programs. These consumer programs allow me to generate an overflow of fantastic buyers and sellers. 


So here’s what I mean by Income Certainty.  


In return for joining my award winning real estate sales team, I guarantee that you will receive as many as you can skillfully handle, Appointments with buyers and sellers that want to move, can move and will move.  And that’s not all.


These buyers and sellers, they are not your average prospect.  They are most likely the kind you long for each day. For one thing, they are buying or selling at 35% above the market area price average,  And since our clients pay us a 40% higher commission than what the average agent gets, you are guaranteed to make way more money than you are right now on each and every transaction.   So let me be clear here, qualified buyers and sellers, at a higher price point average, paying a higher commission on each transaction, given to you on a silver platter.  This is the first step to income certainty.  


I have put together an hour long demonstration of my real estate business where you can see first hand how we get so many awesome prospects and then deliver them to you on a regular basis.  There’s no obligation for you to just come and see. None whatsoever. I am confident you will be amazed at the sheer number of buyers and sellers contacting us each day and blown away at the quality of these prospects.  These buyers and sellers are different. Like I said, they are at a higher than average price point, they are ready to move and waiting on an appointment to be helped. Just come to this Income Certainty demonstration and see for yourself.


Here are a few facts you should know about being a partner on my sales team.  Outside of getting as many high quality buyers and sellers as you can skillfully handle, you need to know that you will forever end all kinds of cold calling and manual grunt prospecting.   You see all of these buyers and sellers, all of them buying or selling at a higher price point than you are probably selling at now, all of them contact us. The agents on my team do no manual grunt prospecting, or cold calling and they spend no money on advertising.  100% of the buyers and sellers contact us. In fact if you accept my offer to come to my Income Certainty demonstration you will see this ‘reverse prospecting system’ at work. That’s right, do not take my word for it, come and see what it is I do to get an overflow of high quality buyers and sellers contacting us instead of what most agents do which is chase prospects.  


You may have heard claims from other people talking about leads and you getting leads.  But what I want you to know is that your get Appointments with the buyers and sellers that are the same kinds of buyers and sellers that I work with.  There’s just way more than me or my selling partners can get to. Surely you know that it would be impossible for my team to sell hundreds of homes a year working with poor and low quality buyers and sellers.  But again, don’t take my word for it. Come and see for yourself, without any obligation, at my Income Certainty Demonstration.  


I have contacted a selected number of agents like you.  This opportunity to be a selling partner on my team is not for everyone.  In fact we are only looking for a few agents right now to join our team as a selling partner.   So the Income Certainty demonstration is where you can see how it all works is a perfect way to check it all out.  


The only thing I ask is that you be a success minded agent who prefers spending your time selling homes instead of chasing down prospects.  Think about that for a moment. The agents on my team never worry about where their next closing will come from because all of the great buyers and sellers are followed up on by our exclusive inside sales department, converted to a face to face appointment, then the appointment handed to the agent on a silver platter.  You just show up and do what you do best, help the buyer buy and the seller sell. The Agents on my team I call selling partners love this career move because they only do the parts of the job they like. We have exclusive systems and assistants to handle the other parts of the job so you spend your time actually selling homes. 


So exactly what am I offering you?  Well I’m offering you the opportunity to work with these amazing buyers and sellers, in return for joining my team as a selling partner.  The agents on my team make way more money and actually work less hours than the average traditional real estate agent. This is because they have no advertising expenses, the buyers and sellers are at a higher price point, these buyers and sellers pay us a higher than average commission and we have an overflow of these prospects.  You are probably asking yourself how can we get buyers and sellers to pay us 40% more commission on each deal than what you can get or are getting right now. Well they do this willingly because of the extra services and value we provide and I will show you all of that at the Income Certainty demonstration.  


As you have heard from some of the agents on my team, the training allows them to get face to face with more prospects, use specialized and exclusive presentations to not just get more clients to sign listing agreements and buyer agreements, but get a higher than average commissions. And deliver better service and results.  This training is what I call Millionaire Agent Maker Training, its on going and is superior to the kinds of training offered by the traditional real estate industry. Its really hard to fail here, in fact its more likely that you will make more money than you ever thought you would selling real estate. What would incomes of $100,000 to $250,000 a year do for your life?  What would a real estate career spent only doing the parts of the job you like, just working with sincere motivated buyers and sellers do for your joy level and personal satisfaction each day? If you are the kind of agent I think you are, what I am describing here excites you. Again, don’t take my word for it, come to the demonstration and see how it all works.  


Hopefully I have done a good job describing to you how being a selling partner on my team gives you Income Certainty.   So if you like the idea of dramatically increasing your income, working with sincere, highly qualified buyers and sellers as many as you can skillfully handle, spending your time actually selling real estate instead of prospecting, come to our income certainty demonstration and see for yourself how it all works. I promise you that your time will not be wasted and I will hold nothing back in showing you how we do things.


If you will  register at or call us at 865-365-2280 we will send you the details on the Income Certainty demonstration. I would strongly suggest you not procrastinate or dismiss this opportunity.  Even though we have more buyers and sellers than we can get to right now, we like it that way. So I am only looking for a couple of success minded agents to join my team as a selling partner.  And as I said, I have contacted several selected agents I think would benefit from what we do here.  

Again, register at We will forward to you all the details on the Income Certainty demonstration.   Thanks and I hope to see you there.

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